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RIR Party – Homelessness Worries Us!

The RIR (React-Include-Recycle) party has voiced its concerns over the number of homeless people living on the streets of Funchal.

In a press note sent by the national coordinator of the party, Fernando Góis, the party commented that “the number of homeless people continues to grow, thus increasing poverty, crime, delinquency, social exclusion and creating possible hazards for public health, and for these reasons the independent deputy and coordinator of RIR Madeira, Roberto Vieira, voted in favour of several proposals presented yesterday at the Municipal Assembly.”

The note also mentioned that the RIR also reminded this session of the Assembly that the Regional Government, through Social Security, “could do more for these people, as could the City Council which, in its opinion, does nothing but promote the city through the media by using glossy leaflets and photographs.

In this session, the participation of the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) was also requested, in order to remove a tent from the historic part of the city, more specifically in the ruins of the São Filipe Fort. According to the Party, this tent does not do the city any favours!

The party also stated that it voted in favour of a project aimed at boosting local commerce as this meets the concerns of Funchal’s traders, at a time of crisis and lack of purchasing power. It also supports the implementation of a Housing Policy Programme which aims to support young couples and new families to settle in Funchal in low cost housing making it affordable for those on low incomes.  Not only will it create a sustainable housing solution but has the potential to bring life back to the city again which, since the pandemic, has turned Funchal into a ghost town from 8 pm onwards.

Samantha Gannon

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