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Young People Can Make a Difference

In a statement, JSD/M (Madeira Youth Social Democratic Party) leader, Bruno Melim, commented that he believes that “in view of the social difficulties worsened by the pandemic, we all have a role to play and that young people should help local citizens as well as contribute new ideas and initiatives to help those who need it most.”

Bruno Melim, who recently visited the Mercearia Social run by the ASA – Associação de Desenvolvimento de Santo António (a social benefit grocery store), made a point of reinforcing his comments and appealed to everyone, without exception, “to be a part of the solution and make a difference.”

The visit to the Mercearia Social was aimed at “increasing awareness in young people as to the new reality and to the responsibilities they must assume. These involve direct consultation with individuals and other organisations, combating stigma, helping those who need it most, and through the presentation of proposals the creation of viable solutions to current problems not only for those in need but the population as a whole.”

It should be noted that the Santo António Development Association – which is dedicated to providing food for those in need, saw requests for help soar since the pandemic began and they are currently assisting over 100 families in the parish.

Samantha Gannon

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