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Animad Says ‘We Can’t Help Anymore!’

ANIMAD says that it ‘simply cannot help anymore! As it cannot afford to pay for the ever-increasing costs of looking after 200 animals (food, medical care, cleaning, water, electricity, etc.), especially as their credit with the Veterinary Hospital has been frozen.

Their Facebook message reads as follows: –

“Since we did not receive what was promised by the various government entities, where there was a promise of financial aid to be able to pay off some of our 2019 account, our credit at the Veterinary Hospital is closed; says ANIMAD and with no credit, there is no way we can help any more animals. ANIMAD stresses that an animal’s trip to the hospital or another clinic always an expense that many are unaware of, and their unpaid invoices amount to thousands of euros. The association further demands of those who made promises to “put your hand on your conscience and remember that animals are not numbers and have feelings and needs.”

The associations message concluded with “Thank you all for the support you have given us, we still believe that you will realize that deep down we are only the voice of many, of those who have turned their backs on the problem. In the meantime, we will wait for there to be common sense as to the real needs of entities such as ours, which is nothing more than the solution for the blindness of many!!”

Samantha Gannon

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