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Madeira Cannot Close Again

Madeiran President, Miguel Albuquerque, has categorically stated that notwithstanding the risks involved Madeira cannot close itself to the outside world.  We cannot close Madeira again, and that includes the airports. The President, who was visiting a farm in Monte this morning, told reporters that  he was satisfied with the effectiveness of the screenings and tests, not only in controlling those entering the territory, but also the continual monitoring of those who visit the island. “Yet,” he said “It does not, however, invalidate what is a worrying situation. What happened in Porto Santo was a great risk. Even now in Madeira, we have had a local transmission.”

In this sense, he insisted on reiterating his call for people to comply with the prophylactic measures: “Wear the mask, do not become over confident when approaching people, adhere to the hygiene measures that are in place and don’t socialise in large groups.  We must do all that is necessary to control this virus. I know that sometimes people, especially young men, like a beer, but this weekend showed a complete disregard for the rules, as people were drinking in groups without any thought for social distancing. This cannot be allowed to happen! In order to protect all those who live here, we must abide by the new health and safety measures set in place.”

Overall, we have to achieve the right balance.

Samantha Gannon

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