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CHEGA – Porto Santo Fact Finding Mission


Members from the CHEGA-Madeira political party, visited Porto Santo on Saturday the 22nd of August as part of their fact finding mission about the reality facing the islanders, as well as garner political support.  

During their visit, CHEGA members were keen to learn about the “difficulties and adversities  that the dual insularity causes the people of Porto Santo.” After which, they released a press statement saying that they had identified ‘a set of common problems that go a little further than most other political parties tend to identify, due to failure to understand that Porto Santo has a unique set of problems that set it apart from Madeira.’

The main topics discussed were ‘costs, the absence or inefficiency of transport, whether by sea or by air (cargo or passenger), and the lack of accessibility to goods and services are seen as the main obstacle to the development of the island.  Furthermore, security problems, which have been amply demonstrated of late, have shown that there needs to be a greater emphasis on law and order during the summer months.’ 

They also defend the need for a permanent EMIR team throughout the year in order to guarantee immediate assistance and readiness to residents and visitors, in cases of medical emergencies and accidents, in order to save lives. 

Furthermore, they want to be able to standardise the mobility allowance so that a Porto Santean has the same rights and pays the same costs when flying to and from countries within the Portuguese territory as their Madeiran counterparts, as well as looking at possible flight partners where they could establish ‘code shares.’ 

The press note concluded by saying that ‘CHEGA-Madeira is committed to monitoring the Regional Government actions in relation to the island, and how they intend to protect the interests of those who live there.’ 

This comes days after a sniping session between CHEGA leader André Ventura and PS-Madeira Leader,  Paulo Cafôfo, when Ventura took to social media to air his feelings about Paulo Cafôfo, who had legitimately he expressed his fears over the ‘political courtship’ between CHEGA and the government led by President Miguel Albuquerque. 

The CHEGA  leader confirmed that he still supported Miguel Albuquerque’s bid for presidential candidacy, but further added that the Madeiran President’s ambitions would be supported by Chega-Madeira representative, Fernando Gonçalves. 

Finally,  André Ventura stated that Madeira is ‘at the top of his agenda and that the Autonomous Region of Madeira, including Porto Santo, is one of his fundamental priorities.

And with the pandemic, lockdown and a summer of discontent by Porto Santo’s inhabitants, CHEGA has chosen an opportune moment to cast their eyes Madeira’s way. 

Samantha Gannon

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