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Posts tagged as “Paulo Cafôfo”

Paulo Cafôfo Asked to Declare Bank Account Values

The Public Prosecutor's Office, before the Constitutional Court (TC), has requested that Paulo Cafôfo, the former Mayor of Funchal and current Secretary of State of the Communities, to declare the actual amounts in his bank accounts, as this information was not included in his original income statements. 

DGS and DRS Figure Discrepancies Due to Computer Failure

During today's plenary hearing, The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, said he will attend the hearing requested by the Socialist Party (PS) to clarify that computer failure was the reason between the anomalies between the Director-General for Health (DGS) and the Madeiran Health Service (DRS) daily Covid-19 figures. 

Monte Tree Trial – Day of Reckoning

The two defendants in the Monte Tree Tragedy case, Idalina Perestrelo responsible for Urban Environment, Green and Public Spaces, and the head of the Gardens and Green Spaces Division, Francisco Andrade, will find out today whether they are to stand trial and if so, what crimes will be levied against them. Both were accused by the Public Ministry of 13 crimes of negligent homicide and 49 offences of  involuntary or negligent physical integrity.  

Masking Calamity

The mandatory use mask wearing in all public spaces came into force at midnight last night, coinciding with the Regional Governments (RG) extension of a 'State of Calamity,' which will remain in force until the 31st of August. 

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