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Mandatory Mask Update

Adherence to the new mandatory mask wearing ruling seems a bit hit and miss at the moment judging from observations in my local town, where it would appear that the majority of women are obeying the new ruling while men, of a certain age, seem to believe they are exempt.  This scenario is being replicated throughout the island and many tourists have been observed walking around the crowded city centre without wearing a mask. To re-confirm the current mask wearing status the Regional Government has reiterated its ruling that masks should be worn (by everyone) in all public spaces and social distancing rules must be respected.

Remember, there are exemption to the mask ruling and these include nature walks, inside cars, when alone or in the company of members of the same household, while taking part in sporting activities, on the beach or sea or when sitting in a coffee bar or restaurant.

Mask up and stay safe.

Samantha Gannon

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