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Injured Monk Seal

Since the 1st of July, the IFCN (Institute of Forests, Nature and Conservation) has been monitoring an injured and weak Monk seal. The animals situation was first made known through the SOS Vida Selvagem line, and the mammal is being closely watched by the IFCN and the GNR.

In order to protect the seal, the IFCN has requested that the animal is not disturbed, as rest is crucial for its recovery. The population is also asked to contact Rede Sos Vida Selvagem (contacts on the IFCN website) if they come in contact with the animal.

The seal, called Pontinhos, is one of the animals cataloged and identified by the Madeira Sea Wolf Conservation Programme, and is suffering from a fin wound which makes it impossible for him to hunt and feed naturally. IFCN technicians are currently coordinating his immediate support alongside other world specialists, who at the moment, recommend that the animal is given antibiotics, preferably orally. Obviously, as it is a wild animal, who can become aggressive when in pain or captured, the administration of the drugs is given with his regular feeds.

Apparently, the wound is from natural causes, possibly by a predator, and so no criminal activity is associated with the situation.

Samantha Gannon

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