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Sufficient Controls Must be In Place

The PSD (Social Democrat Party) today presented a draft resolution for the control of travel by air and sea transport as part of the measures needed to contain the pandemic and allow the island’s tourist industry to recover.

The draft resolution recommends that the Government implements two measures, namely, the presentation of a negative PCR test certificate which has been issued following a test in the past 48 hours in the travellers country of origin, plus a diagnostic test on each passenger on entry at the arrival airports or cruise terminals who do not possess the pre-requisite documentation and test results.

The Social Democrats recall that “in recent weeks, due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, the countries international health reputation has, unfortunately, suffered. This situation carries serious risks, especially as other countries who share our European common borders and air space have imposed stricter travel restrictions on passengers travelling from Portugal and have even taken steps to prevent the re-establishment of commercial flights from national airports.”

“As a result, Portugal is becoming increasingly isolated on the international scene, being subject to a kind of health fence. This has a severe implications for our economic activities, particularly tourism which makes a major contribution to the wealth of the nation and provides employment for a great many people.  Without this level of economic activity, especially in regions such as the Algarve and Madeira, unemployment and the well being of citizens would become a major problem.”

For the PSD, “it is important to continue measures to control the risk of transmitting Covid-19. If it is imperative to impose internal control procedures, it is even more important to implement measures on the external front, namely at air and sea arrival points. Madeira has already implemented a number of procedures through the »Clean and Safe» seal, as well as through other arrangements that have enabled the re-opening of commercial spaces for the public to enjoy as part of the new normality. ”

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