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Aquacages? – What’s The Problem?

The President of the Regional Government admitted today that he does not understand the protest vote proposed by the municipal deputies of the PSD of Calheta, against the intention of increasing the number of aquaculture cages in the area.  

While visiting ‘Quinta das Vinhas‘, in Estreito da Calheta, Miguel Albuquerque clarified the situation saying that officials were simply reacting to a news item.  He went on to say “just because a news item appears in the local paper with a man announcing new aqua cages are going to be installed, they react. The government has not announced anything. There have been no official company announcements, and so they have taken a protest vote on a piece of news.  And for the record, he went on to say, the Regional Government has not authorised any further expansion into the island’s aquaculture, and that he was at a loss as to where the news had come from.” 

In any case, Miguel Albuquerque reiterated that his government is extremely sensitive to a sudden increase in this sector. “We have to be sensitive to the progress of the economy and, above all, to an activity that today is a way of saving marine resources.” 

Samantha Gannon

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