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Posts tagged as “UMA”

Young People Affected by Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are currently among the major health problems affecting younger people, states Isabel Fragoeiro, President of the School of Health of the University of Madeira (UMa) and coordinator of the Regional Observatory of Mental Health of Madeira (ORSM-RAM), which defends the importance of good parenting for children and…

A New Species of Insect Discovered in Madeira

A new species of insect was discovered in Madeira by Énio Freitas and Dora Aguin-Pombo, members of the University of Madeira who recently published their study in the European Journal of Taxonomy. The new species, named Cixius wollastoni Freitas & Aguin-Pombo 2021 (Also known as a plant hopper), is in recognition of Thomas H. Wollaston, a pioneer in the study of Madeira's entomological fauna.

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