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Tax Season is here! – IRS 2020 – Procedures 3

Non-Habitual Residents Regime for Non-Habitual Residents The tax regime for non-habitual residents is intended to attract to Portugal certain qualified individuals and investments which may give rise to tax saving opportunities for expatriates.  The Non-Habitual Residence special tax regime has the following exemptions and benefits: Professional Income from Portugal Income…

Tax exemptions for non-habitual residents amount to €548 million in 2018

The value of tax benefits to non-habitual residents keeps growing according to the “Tribunal de Contas” (National Audit Office). In 2018, there were €548 million in NHR exemptions granted to foreign pensioners. Nevertheless, this apparent tax giveaway would have never existed if the NHR regime had not attracted these foreigners…

High-value business activities given streamlined application

Foreign residents applying for Non-Habitual Resident status with high-value-added business activities (“VTA”) may now receive prompt approval for a flat-rate tax of 20% on earned income in income categories A or B (salaries and sole trader income). Under previous practice, “VTA” approval was individualised and could take a year or…

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