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Posts tagged as “funchal”

Before and After

Recently, someone placed a graffiti in the hotel area on the Lido Ramp „Rampa do Lido“ (leading, by the way, up to a very good Indian restaurant). The City Hall service cannot have eyes everywhere, so we used “Funchal Alerta” ( to inform the city about the „artwork“. The platform…

Madeira Consorcio Excursion 11.05.2024

We visited the Instituto Oftalmologico Muñoz Trindade IOMT ( clinic in Funchal, situated at the back of the LaVie/Plaza. Drs. Nuno Silva (from the Azores) and Fabio Trindade (Madeira) showed us the installations and the equipment they have. With altogether four doctors working there, they now pay off a (probably…

Free Bus Passes

The Funchal Sempre à Frente Municipal Group is pleased with the investment that the Funchal City Council will make, starting next year, through the payment of the social pass for students, residing in Funchal, between 12 and 23 years old, as well as through measures aimed at those over 65 years old.

Mercado do Lavradores

How do I say this…Madeira-Weekly is a Tourist/Resident information blog; we love our island and want to portray our home in a positive way. But once in a while, we receive a report that tourists are not being treated fairly in the popular “Mercado dos Lavradores” when paying for the…

“Horarios do Funchal” meeting – part 1 of 3

Ursula and Martina (with the new initiative “Cidadania Ativa”) met with two Horarios do Funchal admin members, to talk about problems and new ideas, on July 4 The company Horarios is a public share company, the Government holds the shares. Horarios in numbers: In 2012, Horarios had 18 Mio…

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