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PAN Denounces Use of Herbicides

PAN Madeira denounces the use of herbicide near Levada da Negra, located in the upland areas of Santo António. The party received a complaint that herbicide is being used near the edge of the Levada da Negra, leading to the contamination not only of the soil, but also of the waters of this levada that serves as irrigation for the land.

On the visit to the site, the party reports a testimony from a farmer who is concerned for the well-being of his sheep that graze nearby.

The party points out that the use of this type of product can cause resistance in plants, contamination of soil and water, and affect biodiversity, harming pollinating insects and other species. In addition, there are risks to human health such as poisoning and diseases.

In a statement, Vitor Gomes, A PAN member stated:

“PAN always favours the protection of nature and is attentive to complaints from the population. In a responsible attitude, we make a point of being on the ground and investigating the situation so that we can intervene and support. The Levada da Negra urgently needed maintenance and cleaning, attending to the circulation of tourists and trail athletes. Although it is not a recommended route, it requires caution but nothing justifies circumventing the laws and it is essential to ensure the safeguarding of the surrounding species. We will be investigating the situation.”

“We also appeal to the populations of the high areas of Santo António to pay special attention to the use of these waters, as well as to the harvesting of grass for animal feed, as they may be contaminated,” says the party, adding that the use of this type of product is illegal.

In this sense, the PAN will file a complaint with the competent authorities, which in this case is the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN).

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