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LIDL Manoeuvers

In a statement, addressed to newsrooms, the Funchal City Council maintains that the JPP and its parliamentary leader, Élvio Sousa, can continue “in their populist and demagogue drift, with semantic adjustments in the narrative they intend to invoke, which will never turn a lie into a truth.”

The Funchal City Council reiterates that the LIDL process is proceeding normally. The German chain already has 2 licensing processes completed (Poço Barral and next to the Assicom Rotunda), which can start immediately.

“The investment in Largo Severiano Ferraz is subject to a new assessment, as soon as the company accommodates the suggested changes in the project, namely in terms of the preservation of the built heritage (the CMF will not allow the demolition of the historic buildings existing there), and reformulates the operational logistics of the operation of the commercial area, so as not to create more obstacles to the traffic that occurs in that place, especially at peak times.

As for the Rua Dr. Pita project, it is subject to a suspension of the PDM or its respective amendment, since the intended commercial area exceeds what is legally allowed.

The question facing the JPP is simple: do you want the Funchal City Council to approve projects that are not in accordance with the law?

Regarding any definition of LIDL’s investment policy, the Municipality of Funchal understands that the JPP should address the questions to the respective company – which apparently they never did.

Concluding, the Funchal City Council, as always, reiterates that it is receptive to all projects that add dynamism and economic value to the city, as long as they respect all legal precepts.”

Samantha Gannon

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