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We Have Some Very Real Problems

There are problems in the region that need to be resolved, such as those of a social nature. In his speech at the ceremony on the 10th of June, at the São Lourenço Palace, the Representative of the Republic expressed concern that “general crime and violent and serious crime, including domestic violence, continue to have very high rates. The causes of which are not always easy to identify.

Ireneu Barreto stated:

“Alcoholism and the consumption of drugs, including so-called synthetic drugs, due to the degradation of their health, but also due to the insecurity they promote, require a persistent fight by the authorities and the vigilance and commitment of civil society”.

Concerning alcohol, Ireneu Barreto asked “if it would not be desirable for all public entities to be more active in promoting campaigns that make it clear that the consumption of alcoholic beverages, when excessive, is not only not socially acceptable, but is a real public health problem.”

In relation to the trafficking of synthetic drugs, “as is well known, the Autonomous Regions do not have the competence to legislate their criminalisation. But, due to the particular impact that this behaviour has among us, the Organs of Self-Government of the Region and our Members of the Assembly of the Republic will do well if they continue to sensitize the Assembly of the Republic to the need to legislate on this matter”, he considered.

Another aspect he emphasised was the crime of domestic violence, “the numbers of which continue to shame a traditionally peaceful region like ours.”

“The time has come, in cases of domestic violence, to remove the aggressor from the family home and to stop the continuation of abuse within households,” said the Representative of the Republic in Madeira.

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