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I Aim For the Stars

After being cured by a medieval healer, at the Sixteenth Century Market in Machico, his first official visit since his inauguration, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque said, “The evil eye doesn’t enter me.”

The President of the Regional Government praised the growth of the Sixteenth Century Market, which left the Machico school for the entire local and regional community, and is currently one of the tourist posters of the Region’s calendar of events. “It always improves from year to year.”

With the opening day theme ‘between heaven and hell,’  the President was asked if in this mandate he will be prepared for these two realities. Albuquerque replied that he is a believer. “I’m always heading for the sky and there are always some little devils that get in the way,” he said.

Confronted, on the other hand, with statements by the president of the Order of Economists that the reduction of VAT in Madeira to 4%, announced by Albuquerque yesterday, will not affect people’s lives, he replied that “it may not have an effect on his life, but it will have on the lives of the region’s families.”

When asked to comment on the European elections and on a poll that gives the possibility of the PS electing between 7 and 9 MEPs and AD six, that is, not predicting the election of Rubina Leal, Albuquerque reaffirmed that he was “very angry” with the PSD’s decision at the national level. In his view, it was a “shot in the foot” that the party did not place any candidate from the autonomous regions in imminently eligible seats.

In any case, he commented that the polls in European elections are difficult to get right due to the high abstention.

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