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Climate Change Affects Agriculture

The Regional Directorate of Agriculture, through its services, is creating experimental seed fields in Santana, to mitigate and study the consequences of Climate Change on some crops, according to a recent press statement.

This was announced by the Regional Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marco Caldeira, who was in the parish of Caniço where he visited a young farmer who produces various products, including onions.

According to the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Environment, he is especially attentive to the impact of climate change and pests on Madeiran crops, so he has already met with producers where new training on the use of pesticides was agreed to better eradicate some pests.

Furthermore, the services will continue to provide the necessary technical support at various levels, such as harvesting soils for further analysis. The goal is to have a product that stands out for its quality.

“We live in a new reality that is Climate Change. We will work to mitigate this problem with technical support and new training aimed at this problem,” said Marco Caldeira, who recalled the various training courses available at the Madeira Agricultural School that have contributed to the quality of Madeiran products.

Taking stock of regional agriculture, the official made it known that the sector is increasingly dynamic as a result of the policies outlined by the Regional Government and the excellent economic moment that the Region is going through.

Concluding, Marco Caldeira said:

“Today, the farmer is making more money, we have seen the proof in the growth of the various sectors, he added, before saying “every day we try to find solutions for farmers. The farmer knows that he can count on us, talk to us, and know that we listen to them and respond to their needs.”

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