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Geração Depositrão Challenges Schools

The 16th edition of Geração Depositrão, a project that results from the partnership between ERP Portugal (electrical and electronic waste management entity), and the Eco-Schools ABAE (Blue Flag Association of Europe) Programme, is accepting entries until the 15th of June.

This school environmental literacy programme aims to challenge and reward school communities for the delivery of electrical and electronic equipment and used batteries to ERP Portugal, which will then send them to the appropriate destinations.

It should be noted that schools from 19 districts of the national territory and islands are enrolled in the Depositrão Generation.

All participating schools will receive a financial contribution to encourage young people to adopt environmentally responsible behaviours.

In addition, the winning schools will also be awarded taking into account the following categories: ‘Absolute weight and weight collected per capita;’ ‘Professor Generation Depositrão;’ ‘Depositrão Generation Student Award’ and ‘Award for considered hazardous waste (TV monitors, temperature regulation equipment, batteries).’

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