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Tourism Grows in Quality Not Quantity

Eduardo Jesus, the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, considers that the data released this week on the tourism sector in February show “a very favourable trend” for regional tourism.

“First, there is an increase of 5.1% in guests in February, compared to February 2023, which produced, in terms of overnight stays, equates to an 8.6% increase,” he analyzed.

A “relevant” growth, in the assessment of Eduardo Jesus, which consolidates the occupancy rate of 60%, corresponding to one percentage point above the same month of 2023, “the best tourist year ever.”

Extending the analysis to the first two months of the year – January and February – it can be seen that overnight stays “have increased by 4.2% and guests by 1.5%.”

The minister points out that the United Kingdom and Germany maintained their “sustained growth,” securing shares of 22% and 20%, respectively, but continued to grow 8.5% and 5.3% in February.

However, the rising star of February was the Polish market, which recorded a growth rate of 25%. “This is in line with what has been conveyed by operators at various international fairs,” he said.

Eduardo Jesus also highlighted the results in total revenue (+11%) and revenue (+10%) in the sector in the Region, which “means that Madeira is growing both in value and quantity, but more in value than in quantity.” “That’s what you want,” he said.

Total revenue in February reached a record for the month, of €41.9 million, allowing RevPar to reach around €58.5 (+3% year-on-year).

This still does not take away the fact that Madeiran residents feel that their needs are being swept aside by the capricious tourism bus.

Samantha Gannon

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