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Scabies and Ill Treatment in Elderly Homes

In a brief press statement, a spokesperson for the Social Security confirmed to JM that they have received four formal complaints involving three elderly residential homes managed by private individuals.

Two of the allegations were not confirmed, however one did refer to a case of scabies. The remaining investigations relating to the ill treatment of residents is continuing.

Scabies is caused by an eight-legged burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei.  The mite, as it burrows causes a rash and intense itching, with the itching becoming more prominent at night. Skin creases are its favourite burrowing site.

In addition to its discomfort, scabies is contagious and can run rife through families, care groups, schools, nursing homes and prisons, and as such all those in contact with the victim need to be treated.

Despite its contagiousness it is easily treated via medicated creams or medication, as these kill the mites and their eggs.  However, the itching may not stop for weeks after the mite has been eradicated.

Samantha Gannon

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