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Miguel Albuquerque: I’m The Popular One

“Let’s face it, I’m popular! So I’m very pleased.” This is the reaction of the President of the Regional Government, when asked by JM, about the poll published this morning that reveals that Miguel Albuquerque obtained, among the party leaders of the Region, the most expressive negative evaluation, but, at the same time, the one who has the most positive image.”

Respondents were asked which party leader of parties with parliamentary seats performed best and worst. Now, comparing the results of September 2023 with the current ones, in two polls carried out by Intercampus for JM, Miguel Albuquerque’s negative evaluation rose from 9.5 to 27.2 and the positive evaluation fell from 39% to 22.2%.

Concluding, the region’s President said he was satisfied that he is considered ‘popular.’

One aspect of the Intercampus opinion study for JM and JMFM showed that five regional party leaders are no longer the golden boys of politics. The poll concludes that Miguel Albuquerque has had the biggest drop in popularity among all the names presented. While Élvio Sousa (JPP) has overtaken Paulo Cafôfo (PS-M) in popularity.

Samantha Gannon

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