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Chega Wants 0 VAT on Children’s Food Products

Chega Madeira intends to apply a zero VAT rate on food products for children up to six years of age. The party made this official through the submission of a draft resolution in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

In an announcement, Chega-Madeira stated that the objective is to promote greater social, political, and economic measures that facilitate greater support and protection for families and young children.”

“In the text of the draft resolution, the Chega deputies point out that families provide lasting environmental teaching with regard to values, norms, and behaviours that are transmitted from generation to generation, and it is from it from here that children’s characters develop and the foundations of later life established.”

“The family must not only provide the ideal environment for the growth and education of new generations but must also play an irreplaceable role in the formation of responsible citizens who are aware of their role in society.” However, for Chega deputies, families are increasingly facing challenges, limiting their ability to respond to the demands placed on them. Thus, the draft resolution notes, “Families are facing more and more challenges, which have been conditioning their ability to fulfill their role and offer children and young people the necessary conditions so that they can grow and develop the emotional, intellectual and character tools necessary to lead the development and affirmation of the region and the country.

To help combat this situation, the measure advanced by Chega asks the Regional Government to move forward with a regional legislative decree that applies a VAT exemption, enshrining the right to deduction (zero rate) to each of the food products identified by the Order of Nutritionists as essential for the development of children up to the age of six. In addition, the party suggests that the said tax be applied in the next financial year.”

“This is a proposal that fits in with our mission to defend the family. For us, the family and the family’s needs are not rhetoric, but a top priority of political action,” said Miguel Castro, President of Chega-Madeira and leader of the parliamentary bench. “This initiative aims to make a difference in the lives of families, especially those who work, as they deserve our support and urgently need someone to do it for them.”

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