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Digital Nomads Plant Trees

The tree fundraiser began last year in the wake of the fires that devastated much of the island’s north and west coast. After what happened and with an eye on the future, the digital nomad community wanted to contribute positively to the reforestation of the island, which many already call their “second home.”

The environmental action, promoted by the Madeira Friends association, had the support of various local partners, including: Greener Act, a platform for travellers to measure and improve their environmental footprint, through local impact actions such as tree planting, Regaterra, Ageas seguros, VMT Madeira and VIP RC Transports.

The group intends to continue with this type of action, having already scheduled a new plantation for March. For most people, this was the first time they had planted a tree, and doing it in Madeira had a special significance. In addition to the trees, the group had the opportunity to learn and hear directly from local workers, who know the reality and challenges in the forestry area, such as soil maintenance, and invasive and endemic species.

Madeira Friends is a project focused on the integration of foreigners into Madeiran society, especially remote workers and the goal is to connect them with locals. Much of their work involves finding and creating ways to promote synergies between the international and local communities, such as the development of social responsibility actions such as this one. Last year, the association had more than 10 thousand people taking part in its various events and expects to surpass this number in 2024.

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