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IKEA is Here

The IKEA Planning and Ordering Studio in Madeira is now open in the La Vie shopping centre.

IKEA Market Manager, Bruno Ferreira, revealed that Madeira had been a “place of choice” to open a planning studio for some time.  There is a need, a fact that was bourne out as as soon as the new shop opened several customers were seen placing orders.

The brand’s turnover in the region last year was 4 million euros.  By moving forward and opening a studio in Madeira, IKEA expects an increase in the region’s turnover.

In this studio, the brand’s 11th, 12 employees are engaged, 11 of whom are Madeirans. Bruno Ferreira, further added that the ‘driving force behind’ IKEA’s expansion is precisely the investment in planning studios, which will continue to be installed throughout the country.

Samantha Gannon

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