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Climate Change: PAN Is the Difference!

On a day when Europe is once again recording record breaking temperatures, political party PAN – People, Animals, and Nature has declared its stance on climate change. Madeira, they say, is already experiencing extreme weather phenomena causing heatwaves, heightened fire risks, and heat-related health consequences to older people, and animals, as well as damage and destruction to agriculture.

Everyone’s vote makes a difference, says PAN, who advocate implementing long-term sustainable measures to combat these changes. In particular, “we advocate a greater awareness of the population to these issues, with the proper monitoring and supervision of the competent authorities, namely at a municipal level and through the Institute of Forests. The regulation by the Municipalities of the felling of the trees, the penalisation of the poisoning of the same, the supervision of the use of water on private lands with large green areas, and the preservation of agricultural lands are just some of the ideas we bring to the table.”

Further initiatives include the planting of trees, adoption of native plants, and bonuses for people who grow trees on their land.

With regards to fire prevention, PAN believes that greater control over the eradication of eucalyptus is essential due to its invasive nature, its negative impact on the forest floor, and because of its high fuel load.

These measures are part of the party’s electoral programme.

Samantha Gannon

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