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What is Happening About LIDL?

While half of the island was at Chão da Lagoa enjoying the annual PSD party, the JPP (Junto Pelo Povo) were asking about the lack of information regarding the proposed LIDL opening in Madeira.

“It’s been six months and we still do not know when LIDL is going to open,” stated JPP representative Patrícia Spínola. Furthermore, the JPP spokeswoman recalled that the company’s intention is to open three stores in the Region.

“Until recently everything seemed to be going well. We are talking about an investment by LIDL of around 100 million euros which will create a further 150 jobs.”

On the occasion, Patrícia Spínola listed several situations raised by the Funchal City Council “from possible problems of lack of parking and accessibility, which only demonstrates the obstacle of the municipality in bringing competitiveness to Madeira.”

“What is intended is that the Mayor of Funchal, tells us what is going on!” Remarked Patrícia Spínola, “given that no one seems to have a clue about when the superstore will open its doors in the region. Are there forces preventing the opening of this store in the centre of Funchal? Or are there others interested in the building acquired by LIDL who are now blocking the superstore?”

The JPP spokeswoman also stressed that the German company LIDL has its own means of maritime transport of goods and raised another question: “Is this a problem for the current monopoly we have in the Region?”

Patrícia Spínola stressed the importance of the entry of the German chain in the Region in order to bring “more competitiveness, more economical prices for families and, above all, the creation of 150 jobs.”

Samantha Gannon

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