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New Speed Bump Pedestrian Crossings

The Municipality of Funchal has confirmed on its social networks the implementation of seven speed bump pedestrian crossings to create pedestrian safety in the city, namely, Monumental, Piornais, Campo do Marítimo, Barreira no Boliqueime, João Abel de Freitas, and, Penteada, within the scope of the municipal contract – “Execution of various mobility measures and traffic calming-.”

Costing 35 thousand euros, three of the new improved crossings will be located near schools and one by the University of Madeira, as well as other key areas.

“It should be noted that these elevated crossings work as traffic calming devices and allow drivers to see both crossings and pedestrians at all times of the day and night, thus allowing drivers to adapt their driving to suit the situation.” Claims the CMF.

The first crossing was installed on the 20th of July.

In addition, road traffic will be interrupted near the intervention areas, between 08:00 and 18:00, so the CMF recommends the consultation of road alternatives in notice no. 528/2023 in, as well as the consultation of temporary changes to the routes of public transport routes on the websites of the respective operators.

The remaining six are scheduled for:

21.07.2023 (Friday) – North lane of the Monumental Road west of the Madeira Forum –
24.07.2023 (second) – Caminho dos Piornais, next to the Apartamentos América –
25.07.2023 (Tuesday) – Rua do Campo do Marítimo, next to the Sports Complex of Clube Sport Marítimo-

26.07.2023 (Wednesday) – Caminho da Barreira, next to the EB1/PE School of Boliqueime-
27.07.2023 (Thursday) – Dr. João Abel de Freitas Road, next to the EB1/PE School of Achada–
28.07.2023 (Friday) – Caminho da Penteada, next to the pedestrian access to the University of Madeira.

According to the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, speed bumps are seen as environmentally unfriendly, as drivers have to speed up after encountering a speed bump and therefore, create more air pollution than they would have if they’d been allowed to drive at a steady speed.

Samantha Gannon

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