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Confiança: New Animal Welfare Regulation Proposal

The Municipal Animal Regulation will be presented, in a proposal for deliberation at this week’s council meeting by the Confiança team of councillors.

The proposal aims to establish norms and guidelines for the protection, welfare, sanction situations of mistreatment and responsible control of animals within the Municipality of Funchal, as well as respect for animals and establish clear guidelines for harmonious coexistence between humans and animals living within the municipality. This initiative aims to combat animal abandonment, sensitising the population to the importance of responsible adoption and promoting animal welfare awareness.

“It is indisputable that nowadays the rights of animals are widely defended and the dignity of animals, namely their right to life and physical integrity, is recognised as a transversal form in human societies.  Animals have an undeniable moral status, deserving respect and protection as sentient beings. The protection of animals is, therefore, a requirement of society in general and the citizens of Funchal, in particular,” says Councillor Sancha de Campanella, adding that “we must not forget that the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic includes provisions related to animal protection, stipulating that everyone has the right to a humane and ecologically balanced living environment. The dignity of animals is recognised in Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which accepts the essence of animals and requires all Member States to take animal welfare into account.

The municipal regulation should address topics such as the identification and registration of companion animals, Standards of protection and animal welfare, control of stray animals, promotion of responsible adoption of animals; adoption of animals by “homeless” people, prohibition of mistreatment and abuse of animals; sterilisation programmes and population control of animals and animal welfare education for the population.

Moreover, new regulations should be preceded by a wide public consultation, involving animal protection organisations, experts, citizens and other interested parties, in order to ensure its effectiveness and acceptance by the community.

Samantha Gannon

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