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Storm Oscar Challenges Political Competence

After the weekly political diatribe by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) delegate on the state of the region’s wages, the PSD discussed the works enacted by the Regional Government during Storm Oscar, with particular attention given to the island’s rivers, which through a series of safety works protected much of the population when Storm Oscar hit the island.

Carlos Rodrigues, from the PSD, praised the work of the government, at the level of civil protection and security of the population, concentrating his praise on the construction of dams since the 2010 storm which kept the capital and towns safe.

However, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and the PSD were criticised for their handling of the situation. During one speech, Rui Marques lambasted the performance of the Mayor of Ponta do Sol, Célia Pessegueiro, with regard to protecting and safeguarding local populations.

Responding, Carlos Rodrigues said that the Mayor had not responded effectively, as she was thinking more about herself and winning votes than actually protecting her local communities.

Victor Freitas, of the PS, defended Célia Pessegueiro, who chose to have civil protection personnel in high risk areas located along the river mouth rather than further up the mountains.

Replying to this, Carlos Rodrigues snarkily reacted, by saying that “as long as the PS thinks it can win votes through other people’s misfortunes they will remain a ‘tiny’ party.”

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