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Madeiran Men Earn 14.3% More Than Women

Today the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira released their analysis of the average monthly earnings according to sex, for the year 2021, which indicates that men (€ 1,286.34) earned on average 14.3% more (that is, € 161.22 more) than women (€ 1,125.12), extending the trend that has existed since the beginning of the Retrospective Series of Statistics of Personnel Tables.

It should be noted that the average monthly earnings of employees calculated in 2021 stood at € 1,212.39, higher than the previous year (€ 1,171.42), which corresponds to an annual increase of 3.5%.

DREM highlights the evolution concerning wage inequality between men and women, while in 1995 women received 77.6% of the average monthly earnings of men, in 2021, this ratio was 87.5%.

By geographical location, it was found that the municipality of Porto Santo had the highest average monthly gain (€1,323.46), followed by Funchal (€1,264.75) and Calheta (€1,230.93), the only ones that were above the regional average (€1,212.39). Instead, Porto Moniz (886,52€), São Vicente (893,75€), Santana (927,20€), Ponta do Sol (933,17€), Ribeira Brava (997,38€), Câmara de Lobos (1,028,79€), Machico (1,142,01€) and Santa Cruz (1,168,42€) were below average.

The information according to the educational qualifications allows us to observe important differences. Workers with lower qualifications “Below the 1st cycle of basic education” had lower average monthly earnings (€ 979.30). Among those who hold the “1st cycle of basic education” (€ 1 021.20) and the “3rd cycle of basic education” (€ 1 016.26), the differences are not significant, but the differential of workers with these qualifications to those with “secondary education” (€ 1 104.08) is already significant. The possession of a bachelor’s degree proves to be decisive for obtaining a higher average monthly gain (€ 1,896.51), and the exponent was reached, in 2021, by those holding a doctorate (€ 2,437.34).

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