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Accident Photos Don’t Save Lives

The Regional Civil Protection Service, IP-RAM is promoting an awareness campaign aimed at the general population, asking people not to take and share photos and videos of accidents, in order to protect the identity of the victim and the work of the rescue and emergency teams.

This initiative was presented on the 2nd of May, within the scope of the Yellow May, an activity promoted by the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection with the direct collaboration of several public entities, including the PSP.

During May, several messages will be released, with warnings to the population, such as the risks they create when invading an accident scene to take images and videos.

This measure intends to safeguard the physical integrity of the victim and the privacy to which he is entitled, but also to raise awareness that these acts affect the work of the emergency services and that in some cases obstruct their work thus endangering lives.

The Civil Protection Service reminds everyone that if you witness an accident you should immediately call 112, and not use the calamity as a way to highlight your profile on social media.

Samantha Gannon

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