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Drones for Agriculture!

The Government of Madeira will use drones to support agriculture, and farmer training is being prepared.

Humberto Vasconcelos, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development, was speaking at an initiative marking the six-year anniversary of the Madeira Agricultural School, located in the municipality of São Vicente. To date, the school has held 655 classes, totalling 9,350 hours, and taught approximately 12,400 students.

Humberto Vasconcelos spoke of the advances that have been made within the agriculture sector, including livestock, and that Madeira has its own registered breed of cow, the -‘Earth cow.’

“We have drones and technology in agriculture. We will give training,” he said, after having attended a demonstration of drones under the “Agriculture 5.0” project, which allows the use of technology on farms.

The Regional Secretary stressed that the school “has evolved a lot” and that it was an essential component in Madeira’s past and future economy, stating that”there is no tourism without agriculture.”

The training courses are good, and people I know have taken courses in mushrooms, vegetable growing, and bee-keeping.

Samantha Gannon

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