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Near to Capacity Levada, Causes Concern

Residents living close to the Levada dos Tornos, in Nogueira, Camacha, have reported that for a second day, the levada has been close to overflowing, amid growing concerns for their safety if the levada walls should fail.

According to local news media outlet, JM, at least one dwelling has been affected by water leaking into their property.  Locals are concerned, as the levada is showing signs of wear and cracks are appearing within the structure.

Responding to this, Águas e Resíduos da Madeira (ARM) workers have visited the site and confirmed that the current high winds have created an accumulation of foliage within the levadas, thus creating artificially high volumes of water.

In a statement, they added:

“ARM Levadeiros quickly cleared the debris and confirm that the levada is in good working order.  The leak was caused by a problem in the water distribution network to the levada. 

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