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RIR Against Paid Parking in Reis Magos

The React – Include – Recycle (RIR) party has issued a press statement expressing their anger at the introduction of paid parking in the Reis Magos area of Caniço.

Their statement reads as follows:-

“The RIR party does not agree with the proposed car parking charges, which will soon come into force in Caniço de Baixo, next to the Reis Magos beach and hotel area.

We must not forget that hundreds of people work there and that this measure will further penalise the lives of those employed in the area as they will have to pay for parking, at a time when Madeirans and their families are already struggling financially.

After the guarantee given to the unions, that hotel industry salaries would increase, the local government will soon strip them of any benefits.  Workers in the area have already remonstrated against this action.

The RIR knows that local governments are financially driven, but we must take into account the difficulties that families go through, with the aggravating factor of the increase in the cost of living.

Despite promises, the current local government has shown little in the way of changing or acknowledging the problems Madeirans face.  “They are more interested in elections and fighting for jobs, rather than concentrating on public interest.  We all know that buying luxury cars and hiring expensive mainland law firms among others is costly, but the burden should not be laid upon the already overburdened taxpayer.”

Samantha Gannon

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