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New Contact Platform for Madeiran Taxi Drivers

Madeiran taxis have a new contact platform called IzzyMove.

In a statement, the Association of Industrialists of Taxi Manufacturers of RAM (AITRAM) said that the existing taxi rank phones are scheduled to be removed by Altice, therefore, it became necessary to find an alternative system.

All calls will now be forwarded to a Taxi Centre, IzzyMove (, through a unique operator answered number assigned to each of the 11 Municipalities, meaning that the taxi driver closest to the customer’s location will be notified.

In a statement, AITRAM said:

“With this service, we will be able to provide a safer and more accessible service to customers and drivers, who will be able to answer calls from any location and no longer have to wait in designated taxi ranks. Thus giving drivers more flexibility and more work.”

Samantha Gannon

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