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Gas Bottles 70% More Expensive in Madeira than Azores

“The truth is this: earlier this week a 13kg butane gas bottle costs 70% more in Madeira than in the Azores,” stated Élvio Sousa from the JPP- Juntos Pelo Povo, at a press conference in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira.

Élvio Sousa categorically stated that the 13 euro price difference is not explained by inflation or the increase energy costs. “A 13kg bottle of butane gas this week costs € 31.40 in Madeira, while in the Azores its € 18.30, a difference of more than € 13.10 that cannot be simply explained by the 6% differential tax rate, given that in the Azores it is 16% and in Madeira 22%. Are the monopolies still messing with the pockets of citizens?” The JPP parliamentary leader asked.

For the parliamentarian, it is inevitable to ask: “Why is there such a disparity in prices, considering that the Azores is farther from Portugal than Madeira. Is it due to the high transportation costs? Is it due to the exploitation and logistics of this oil product under a monopoly, a market situation without competition that is being hidden behind our backs?” He asked.

It is precisely for this reason that we find out why we are paying so much and who actually has the monopoly of butane gas in Madeira and Porto Santo.

Therefore, the “JPP will start a campaign to enlighten the population on the real reasons for covering up the secret of gas prices in Madeira and Porto Santo and ask all citizens to ask the Regional Government why we are paying so much more for our gas!

As many of you are aware, there are posters across the island highlighting the disparity of prices.

Samantha Gannon

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