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BANIF Bank Victims Ask Miguel Albuquerque For Help

The Association of Banif Injured People (ALBOA) welcome the recent words of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, who stressed it was time to find a resolution to the BANIF situation. Following on from this, ALBOA calls on the President of the Regional Government of Madeira to exercise his influence with the Prime Minister, António Costa, to speed up the ongoing process and urgently solve the problem in order to alleviate the suffering of thousands of people, suffering that has been going on for more than seven years.

Since the end of last year, meetings of a Working Group have begun at the Ministry of Finance, with representatives of the various entities involved. However, this Working Party was only set up seven years after the Banif resolution and continues its work at such a slow pace that it is not in line with the urgency of resolving those seriously affected by BANIF banks collapse.

One of ALBOA’s wishes is for the Prime Minister to publicly sign a compromise protocol, as has also happened precisely with the BES (Banco Espírito Santo) case.

It should be noted that, unlike BES, BANIF was, at the time of the resolution, a bank in which the State held the majority of the capital and that the injured party concerned were, for the most part, fraudulently convinced to transform their deposits and life time savings into bonds which disappeared as when the bank collapsed.

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