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New DRS ‘Don’t Be Fooled By New Drugs’ Campaign

The Regional Directorate of Health (DRS), through the Operational Unit of Intervention in Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, launched, their new 2023 campaign ‘Do not be deceived by new drugs’ on the 26th of January, as a way to raise awareness among the population about the new psychoactive substances (drugs) available on the market and their serious side effects.

As part of the campaign’s backing, various public figures from Madeira and Portugal will be invited to make a brief video highlighting the benefits of living healthily.

Given the increasing prevalence of “online features” in our lives, videos will be posted on various digital platforms on a biweekly basis, with particular emphasis on the DRS and partners Facebook and Instagram pages. The first video features the Mayor of Funchal, Dr. Pedro Calado, while the second video which was released yesterday, the 30th of January, features psychiatrist Dr. Luís Filipe Fernandes.

Posters carrying preventative messages will be erected throughout the various municipalities around the region. Campaign partner, Horários do Funchal, will promote the initiative on their buses.

It is hoped that through positive reinforcement, people will refrain from taking drugs as a coping mechanism.

Samantha Gannon

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