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Santo Da Serra Golf Course Innovative Irrigation System

Today, the President of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque presided over the Santo da Serra Golf Course refurbishment programme completion ceremony.
The works, which have cost in the region of 2.5 million euros focus mainly on the replacement of the irrigation system, which now is both efficient in terms of water usage and its dispersal, and will create the optimum conditions for golfers, even in summer. It is believed that the new system will reduce water consumption by two-thirds.
In addition to this, the golf club has been working closely with ARM, to create an altitude rainwater capture system through the existing lakes and a new water reservoir. This combined with the extension and expansion of one of the lakes will increase the amount of water captured, and through a series of pipes be able to serve other areas of the course, as well as feed into the new reservoir. All in all, the club will now have a water storage capacity of 40,000 cubic metres of water, held in its four lakes, and two reservoirs which will serve approximately 1,000 water sprinklers.
Furthermore, the lakes and reservoirs will also provide valuable resources to the Civil Protection Firefighting unit, as well as provide farmers with additional water during times of extreme drought. 
The courses have also had a make-over with six new championship tees, increasing the overall distance of the courses by 208 metres, as well as new driving range tees, a buggy storage area and general maintenance of the main building.
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