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DRS Raise Awareness of the Negative Effects of Alcohol

The Regional Health Directorate (DRS) has issued a plea asking everyone to understand the importance of avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and that there are circumstances in which alcohol consumption, even in small quantities, should not occur.

Therefore, the DRS has listed a set of occurrences where abstinence from alcohol should be maintained.

Children and young people – Alcohol consumption has a harmful effect on the normal brain development of children and increases the risk of accidents and injuries and other risky behaviours.

Pregnant women or breast-feeding women – Pregnant women, those planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, should not drink alcohol. No alcohol level is safe for babies.

People suffering from disease – People with heart and liver disease and other chronic diseases should not consume alcohol.  Alcohol is not a medicine and does not cure or treat any disease, so it should not be consumed as a solution to a health problem. The same is applicable for situations of people in situations of frailty and mental illness.

People with a history of alcohol dependence – Abstinence is indispensable and requires specialised treatment. An exception can destroy an entire recovery process. So it is important that everyone contributes to the success of the recovery.

If driving or working with machines – The effects of alcohol on the body lead to a decrease in the essential skills to drive or work safely, increasing the risk of road and work accidents.

If you take medications – Numerous medicines act at the level of the nervous system and when combined with alcohol, they can have serious effects. Prior discussion with the doctor may be important to avoid increased risks.

The Regional Health Directorate reinforces the recommendation that the celebration of this festive season should be enjoyed but not so much to endanger the safety and well-being of each other and those around you.

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