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HF Launches Fuel Tender

Fuel would seem to be a bit of a touchy subject with Horários do Funchal – Transportes Públicos, S.A. (HF), at the moment, as the directors of the company claim that earlier reports regarding the tender for the provision of fuel were inaccurate. This comes after a local newspaper stated that the company will be awarding an 18.5 million euro fuel contract, after failing to reach an agreement with their current supplier.

Responding to the criticisms, the media company states that their only inaccuracy was the length of tender which is three years and not one as originally stated.

To clarify the situation HF issued this statement:

“1. All fuel supply contracts between HF and third parties have always been carried out for a period of three years and are depending on the rules of public procurement.

2. The previous contract was denounced by the pay-off because of profound market changes which led to an increase in the price of fuel.

3. The HF, foreseeing possible embarrassment, launched a tender for fuel supply, again for a period of three years, avoiding a scenario in which its buses would not circulate due to lack of fuel.

4. The deadline for submission of proposals is at 23:59 on 13.01.2023.

5. In 2020 and 2021, 11.3 and 12.7 million passengers were transported respectively. The forecast of passengers transported in 2022 is 14 million, still far from the 17.8 million reached in 2019.”

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