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112 – Help Us, Help You!

During this month, the Regional Civil Protection Service, IP-RAM will highlight the correct use of the national emergency helpline -112. The aim of this campaign is to ask everyone to use the line sensibly as every hour at least four people in Madeira need help.

In Madeira, the emergency 112 lines are answered at the Operational Command Centre of the Regional Command of the Public Security Police, and, after pre-screening, in emergency situations, the call is forwarded to the Integrated Communications Centre of the Regional Civil Protection Service, IP-RAM, which mobilises the emergency services as well as assesses how many personnel and vehicles are needed for each situation.

When making a 112 call remain as calm as possible on the phone, answer the questions, and do not hang up until asked to do so.  By adhering to these simple rules you can make a difference between life and death.

All 112 calls are free of charge.

Samantha Gannon

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