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European Healthy Eating and Cooking Day

Today, the 8th of November is European Day for Healthy Food and Cooking, aimed at teaching children and young adults about healthy eating habits as a way of tackling childhood obesity.

Reiterating the message, the Regional Health Directorate (DRS) issued an eat healthily challenge to everyone.  They then went on to discuss that lack of exercise, and eating the wrong foods leads to weight gain and obesity, which in turn poses a serious threat to the world’s public health.

Weight gain in children and young adults is a serious condition as many youngsters do not lose weight once they reach adulthood, and this in turn exacerbates obesity in adults.  This creates vulnerability within the adult population and increases the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, liver, heart disease, hypertension, and strokes.

Furthermore, it was argued that children’s taste buds need to be educated from when they are very young. To help a child eat a balanced diet it is essential that parents adopt palate education strategies, which can be done by offering fruits and vegetables, as an alternative to sweets and chocolate. It is important that sugar is not part of the child’s food routine, and that when they feel hungry, high-nutritional foods are made available.

Therefore the DRS recommends the following tips:

– Do not just tempt fussy eaters;

Buy affordable food;

– Teach kids cooking skills;

– Invest time in the preparation and cooking of food;

– Question food information;

– Be critical of advertising;

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