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Hospital Waiting Lists Becoming a Severe Problem

Growing criticism at the Regional Government’s handling of health service waiting lists was levied last week, with Sérgio Gonçalves (PS-Madeira), categorically affirming that the island’s health is being compromised.

JPP politician, Élvio Sousa, used the recent trip taken by the President of Madeira to Miami this year, which cost 26,000 euros for four nights in the region as outrageous, considering there are so many shortages within the health service. He went on to lament that hospital waiting lists have become ‘shameful’ and that Madeirans and Porto-Santenses have no idea when their treatment or operation will occur.

The socialist further stated that “health centres are no longer there for the people and communities, but simply as part of a statistical indicator paradigm.”

Samantha Gannon

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