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Enchanted Smile Initiative

The Association of Amateur Theatre of Deliverance (ATAL), took centre stage this weekend at Santa Luzia gardens with their ‘Enchanted Smile’ initiative.

Supported by the Regional Directorate of Health, through UCAD, the event was part of a drug and substance abuse initiative, aiming to raise awareness in several areas, including…

“Promoting and strengthening protective factors, minimising risk factors associated with the consumption of psychoactive substances within the community, school, and family contexts. Preventing the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among the population, and sensitising the community (schools and families) into adopting healthy behaviors and lifestyles.”

The event’s partners included the Junta de Freguesia do Imaculado Coração de Maria, the Regional Directorate of Education, the Higher School of Nursing of São José Cluny, the PSP, the APEL School, and the Carvalheiro Sports Club.

Samantha Gannon

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