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Congratulations to Kate and Martin Gannon

Passionate about gardening, both Kate and Martin Gannon have invested 21 years of hard labour and love into their garden, and on Thursday, the 22nd of September they were part of a group of winners celebrating at the auditorium at the Municipal gardens in Funchal. Their garden took second place in the family garden section.

This is an annual contest, through which the Municipality of Funchal intends to appeal to the involvement of citizens in the improvement and expansion of the city’s green space area and in the promotion of urban agriculture.

In total, there were 65 participants, divided into 6 categories, (16) Municipal urban gardens, (11) Social urban gardens, (10) Social housing gardens, (4) Single-family gardens, (9) Balconies, balconies, terraces and staircases and (14) Hotel units.

The prizes awarded, mostly of a monetary nature and ranged from €75 to €1,500, with the CMF investing €6,600 into the project.

After the prize giving, the Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado said…

“The financial prize is just an aid so that everyone can continue to keep this tradition alive.”

“It is important that we keep this tradition alive as it helps to maintain and publicise the wide variety of urban, individual and hotel gardens in Funchal, which are a source of great pride for all of us, because we are talking about something that identifies us, that distinguishes us, that adds beauty to the city and that values ​​our natural heritage.”

For those interested, photo’s of the winning gardens will be part of a photographic exhibition in the Atrium of Funchal City Council.  The exhibition will remain in place until the 30th of September.

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