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School Recommendations For Healthy Happy Students

On returning to school, in addition to preparing books and materials and resuming routines, there are precautions that make a difference in education for the physical and mental health of children. In this context, the Regional Health Directorate has issued a set of recommendations aimed at children/young people and their parents and guardians.

To Students:

Adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyle habits.
Defend your rights and fulfill your duties.
Strive and value your achievements.
Reinforce positive social relationships and distance yourself from negative pressures.
Be aware of the limits you must respect.
Empower yourself and seek support, if necessary, to make the most appropriate decisions and to know how to say no.
Have breakfast right after waking up, drink water and eat healthy food to have energy for the day’s activities.

To Parents and Guardians:

Create a good affective relationship and communicate with your children.
Promote good management of your children’s free time.
Get to know your children’s favourite environments, who their friends are and how they spend their free time.
Establish clear, appropriate and consistent rules and introduce them to your child from the start.
Trust your children, reinforce positive behaviours, and clarify your doubts and beliefs about risky behaviours.
Promote a culture of dialogue in your family, make yourself available to talk and above all to listen.
Be a role model for your children by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.
Keep an eye on your child’s school, sports and behaviour practices. Seek help from a healthcare professional if needed.
Make sure that the child understands the values ​​transmitted in the family, such as health protection, respect, honesty, solidarity and sharing.
Appreciate and value your child’s feelings. A healthy child with good self-esteem is, from the start, happy, active, curious and willing to learn.
Create strong bonds, feelings of trust and affection by sharing ideas, feelings and experiences.
Support and guide your children’s initiatives, creating space for them to express their opinions, decisions and the choices of their friendships.
Don’t confuse understanding with permissiveness, teenagers need parents or guardians with firm convictions who can set limits.
Take advantage of every moment to be happy, with your child or with your extended family.

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