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Fire Simulation Drill A Success

This morning, a fire simulation took place in Caminho dos Pretos, to test the new firefighting water network, as well as assessing the amount of water available for air support.

The objective was to test the operability of the firefighting network, through a practical exercise, with the involvement of several civil protection agents (Firefighters Sapadores do Funchal; Madeira Volunteer Firefighters; Forest Police Corps of RAM; Sapadores Florestais of RAM ) in order to evaluate procedures and validate processes.

Present at this action, Commander José Minas said that the operation went very well, as he had expected, because a whole water network has been set up in the area, including two water tanks that the helicopter can refill from.

Explaining, he said that first the helicopter has to land to deploy the crew,  These then assembled the water bucket. Then, the pilot performed two test fills and provided aerial support while the rest of the team fought the ‘mock fire’ on the ground.

He also said that his biggest concern at this time, is more towards the Santo António and São Martinho mountains, where there is still much to be done, but he has no doubt that the Region is on the right track in terms of fire prevention. Can Madeirans can sleep peacefully?  He was asked, and in response, he said that he believes so, but pointed out that you can never say never, and that fires are unpredictable, hence the importance of all this preventive work.

He further emphasised that it is not enough to create the fire break, it is also important to maintain it and keep the area clean.

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