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Eviction at Lar Maria Aurora Starts Today

Having thwarted the eviction notices served earlier last month, the legal eviction of 21 residents took place yesterday at Lar Maria Aurora.

With rent arrears amounting to around €75,000, the original eviction notice was overturned as no one had had access to the residents medical records, therefore, aware that any move could jeopardise the health of those being transferred, it was decided to wait until as much information as possible could be obtained regarding the health of the homes patients.  However, it should also be stated that the residents have been moved without the intervention of the Institute of Social Security, who had to apply for a court order in obtain all 21 medical records.

The administrator of the Maria Aurora Assisted Residence, Maria Manuel de Carvalho Homem, has  asked the enforcement agent for an adjournment to the handing over of the keys, which should have taken place yesterday. Given that the company itself is proceeding with the removal of goods from the interior of the space on its own initiative, the enforcement agent granted the green light to the administrator’s request, giving until Monday, the 4th of July, to deliver the keys of the building.  A decision that was also approved by the owner of the building.

In a closing statement, Maria Manuel de Carvalho Homem,  stated that she will no longer be associated with this 10 year project. She went on to say that her priority has always been to safeguard people, and that everything ‘was accomplished.’ Furthermore, she has refused to tell the authorities where the 21 residents are currently residing, all simply reiterated that they were in a safe place which she would be managing. 

As for the 20 household staff, Maria Manuel added again that everything was under control, however, it is not known where they are going to, or if they actually have a job. 

Praising her project, Maria Manuel de Carvalho Homem, regretted the “mediatism” surrounding the process, which, she added, was largely due to being associated with her mother, the presenter Maria Aurora. 

Rejecting the idea of ​​the project’s failure, Maria Manuel stated that she “will get up” and insisted on classifying herself as “a warrior,” adding that these users lacked nothing, that the home has all the conditions and, even, two days ago people were applying to become a resident. An unmistakable sign, she implied, of the project’s success.

“I’m not going to end up here. I am a warrior, I am a fighting woman. This project has fallen, other projects will rise,” she maintained.

As for the debts, the administrator did state that the debt was not as much as €75,000, and refused to tell journalists how much is actually owed.  

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